Spending valuable time on-line searching for interviewing and hiring advice? You have now found the resource you need. 

Welcome to the Interview and Hiring Guide!  We are your HR advisor to to ensure you interview smart and hire right.

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  • 41 Page PDF will walk you through every step of the interviewing and hiring process with 
          tips, scripts and instructions.​

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Small business recruiting is a challenging, yet critical process. The Interview & Hiring Guide 
includes detailed instructions for writing job descriptions, posting job ads, making initial phone 
screens and conducting in-person interviews. Also, the Guide provides valuable advice for 
selecting the final candidate and facilitating the on-boarding process. 

We are very confident this tool will provide valuable HR advice and dramatically improve your chances of hiring the right people for your company. You will own a resource to support the development of a much more structured and reliable approach to hiring.

Hire people that will stay with your organization for years to come.
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