Will the Guide help me hire for any position?
Yes. I will make the exception for senior level executive positions. 

Can anyone in my office use it?
Yes, as long as they are committed to the process and are honestly interested in improving the activity of small business recruiting.

Are there different types of interviews to choose from?
Yes, but in this Guide I strongly recommend the behavioral interview model.

Does the Guide guarantee that the person will work out in the long run?
Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that. 

Do I get follow up support?
Absolutely. Your first call of any length is FREE.

Will this Guide teach me how to interview?
It is an instructional document that provides valuable HR advice. You will apply your own unique style and approach to the process.

Will the Guide help me know when a candidate is lying?
There are many tips to help with that challenge.

How does the purchase process work?
You place an order and pay using this website. Your Guide will be sent within 24 hours of purchase.

What if I realize after purchasing this is not the resource I was looking for?
It will be no problem to provide a complete refund.

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FAQ about Our Guide to Small Business Recruiting

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