• Set the Bar – Developing Recruiting Best Practices
  • Define the Position – Crafting the Job Description
  • Key Attributes - Determine 5 Core Competencies 
  • Get the Word Out - Job Ad Posting
  • Round 1 – Phone Screening Scripts and Tips 
  • Round 2 – In-Person Interview with Dos and Don’ts. 
  • Looking Under the Hood – Work-Style & Personality Type Assessments 
  • Hiring the Best – Choosing the final candidate 
  • New Hire On-Boarding 
  • Interview & Hiring Checklist

The Guide is a complete recruiting roadmap 
I created this document to assist people like you to navigate the potentially vexing experience of hiring a new employee. What I've learned along the way is that many business people dread engaging in a process they inherently know is a fundamental necessity for growth. It is with this fact in mind I set out to create the Hiring & Interview Guide for the “reluctant" hiring manager. It is a step-by-step Guide full of helpful tips, checklists and examples to provide as much in-depth direction and support as possible. Click on the link to view and download for free.