If you need an HR advisor, then purchase the Interview and Hiring Guide, a valuable tool to help you successfully accomplish a challenging task. It is in PDF format, and the content is ordered sequentially to simply direct you through each phase. 
Here is the Table of Contents to give you a sense of the depth and scope of the product:

  • Set the Bar – Developing Recruiting Best Practices
  • Define the Position – Crafting the Job Description
  • Key Attributes - Determine 5 Core Competencies 
  • Getting the Word Out - Compose and Post the Job Ad
  • Round 1 – Phone Screening Scripts and Tips 
  • Round 2 – In-Person Interview with Dos and Don’ts. 
  • Looking Under the Hood – Work-Style and Personality Type Assessments 
  • Hiring the Best – Choosing the final candidate 
  • New Hire On-Boarding 
  • Interview & Hiring Checklist

The Guide is 41 pages long and each section contains examples, tips, suggestions, and sample scripts. It is my intention that you
are not left trying to figure something out without any direction. There is a process checklist that should be followed to the best 
of your ability to ensure you have done due your diligence in the small business recruiting process.

Supporting information included in the Guide:

Dos and Don’ts for a legal interview

Process checklist

“Tip” boxes throughout 

Suggestions on how to decide on the final candidate

Why trusting your instincts to make choices can be tricky

How to spot a dishonest bad apple

How to conduct a behavioral interview

Deciding to hire for “cultural fit” or “need”

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An HR Advisor With the Hiring and Interview Guide

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