Experienced support for a critical HR process...
John R. Farner, Principal 
​Greetings. My name is John Farner and I am an experienced strategic HR & Organizational Development consultant who understands the challenges involved in hiring new talent.

Yes, recruiting consumes time and resources which can be frustrating. As a result of extensive experience with new hire engagements, I have developed a comprehensive interviewing and hiring platform which will transform how you conduct this necessary function. From crafting the job description, facilitating in-person interviews to ultimately selecting the final top candidate, you will have a proven process to depend on. For immediate help and support I have also created a free 41 page Interview & Hiring Guide document which you can learn more about and download on "The Guide PDF" page of this website.
It would be my pleasure to:

  • Have a no-charge initial on-site visit or phone call to learn about your current situation.

  • Present my 2 hour on-site recruiting process seminar with unlimited Q&A. 

  • Create a proposal to provide full service support for your current recruiting needs.​